Free Fire online diamond generator: Real or fake?

Free Fire has a wide assortment of cosmetics like skins, costume and bundles. All these exclusive items can be bought using diamonds, which are the in-game currency.

However, players would have to spend money from their own pockets to procure diamonds. Many players cannot afford to spend money in the game and are, therefore, often on the lookout for alternative ways to obtain diamonds. In the process of doing so, some players resort to the use of illicit tools like diamond generators.

In this article, we examine the authenticity of the Free Fire diamond generator and discuss the consequences of using it.

Free Fire Online diamonds generator: Real or fake?

All websites that claim to provide users with Free Fire diamonds are fake and illegal. The in-game currency is stored on the game server rather than the client. This means that the only legitimate way to get diamonds in the game is by purchasing them.

According to the official anti-hack FAQ available on the official Free Fire website, the use of any unauthorised third-party application not released by Garena is considered cheating

Garena has a strict policy against cheating. Once a player is found guilty, his/her account will be permanently suspended from the game. So, players are advised to stay away from any such application. 


Even if tools like the Free Fire diamond generator work, players should refrain from using them as they are illegal and could lead to their accounts getting banned from the game.

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